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Anonymous said: Your make up is usually so on point, would you mind through your routine?

haha merci :) simply don’t pack foundation all over your face just under eyes or nose…if your dark skinned wear light coloured eyeshadows and vice versa haha and then natural pink lipstick is always good and for the eyes simply gel liner to do an eye flick and then mascara :D looking natural is always good so don’t make it look like you are wearing make up :)

Anonymous said: Don't know if you're referring to Tim or not, and tbh I don't know much about it. But it's really inspiring that whatever it was that happened caused you to learn and grow, pushing you to improve. I think you're set for a lot of success, especially in future relationships and I wish you all the best!

yeah i was! lets just say I was dangerously in love and it constantly brought me down and sort’ve lost myself in a bubble with him, but will never regret anything I went through with him as it only helped me learn and grow up :) thank you just ready for uni now and moving on further with my life :) 


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